Colorful Curry Fried Rice

Colorful Curry Fried Rice

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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Children like to eat fried rice. If there is rice left some night, they will be very happy. Haha.

Since children like it so much, just cook more rice at night. The kids are growing up, so they can do whatever they like to be a mother, as long as they can eat more.

I like to add a variety of ingredients to the food for my children. Don’t I mean to add more nutrition every day, the more complex the diet, the better.
The fried rice I made today was added with a little curry powder, which is the children’s favorite. Before it was out of the pot, the children were attracted by the fragrance. When they saw the color, they said it was too delicious. After saying good things, I agreed to take pictures first. Well, I also think that having a mother who loves to take pictures is really annoying.

Everyone knows that curry is the easiest condiment to batter. Fortunately, my baby pottery pot is very powerful. A large pot of fried rice has no sticky bottom. After adding curry, stir-fry on low heat and use the casserole to be super powerful The heat-gathering performance of the fried rice is crystal-clear, with a fluffy taste and distinct grains. The children can kill a large bowl in one go. It is delicious and visible.


Colorful Curry Fried Rice

1. Ingredients are ready

Colorful Curry Fried Rice recipe

2. Carrots are cut into cubes the same size as corn, and all the vegetable pellets are ready for use

Colorful Curry Fried Rice recipe

3. Boil a pot of water, blanch the vegetables, drain the water and set aside

Colorful Curry Fried Rice recipe

4. Heat the oil pan, pour in the leftover rice, turn to medium heat immediately

Colorful Curry Fried Rice recipe

5. Use a spatula to stir-fry the rice

Colorful Curry Fried Rice recipe

6. Pour the blanched vegetables into the pot and stir fry together evenly

Colorful Curry Fried Rice recipe

7. Add the curry cubes and continue to stir fry until the curry is completely melted

Colorful Curry Fried Rice recipe

8. Sprinkle in salt and stir well

Colorful Curry Fried Rice recipe

9. Put the fried curry rice into a bowl and press it tightly with a spoon

Colorful Curry Fried Rice recipe

10. Snap it upside down in the container and serve

Colorful Curry Fried Rice recipe


1. The curry cubes are relatively hard. Be sure to stir-fry the curry slowly. Stir-fry the curry until it melts and blends with the rice.
2. The vegetable grains are blanched first and then fried, which can not only keep the vegetable grains bright in color, but also reduce the intake of oil and make the body better.


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