Colorful Fried Rice

Colorful Fried Rice

by Big Bunny 1987

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I made too much rice last night, let’s use it to make a fried rice today


Colorful Fried Rice

1. Dice carrots, green peppers, onions, celery and ham

Colorful Fried Rice recipe

2. Beat the eggs, add a little water and a little cooking oil, so that the scrambled eggs will be very smooth and tender!

Colorful Fried Rice recipe

3. Heat the pan with cold oil, pour the eggs into the pan and use the chopsticks to quickly loosen them. This kind of eggs will be more tender and smooth! Put the scrambled eggs out for use

Colorful Fried Rice recipe

4. Rinse the scrambled eggs slightly with water to remove some of the fishy smell of the eggs. The same is to heat the pan with cold oil, add the onion and stir fry, don't stir it old!

Colorful Fried Rice recipe

5. When the onion has a green onion fragrance, put the ham sausage in a piece and stir-fry so that the ham sausage wraps the onion fragrance. Sausages actually have a bit of meaty smell. This way the onion has a meaty aroma, and the ham has the onion aroma of onion

Colorful Fried Rice recipe

6. Then pour the eggs into the pot, the eggs will also have a slight eggy smell, so that the eggs have the fragrance of onions and onions, which will be very fragrant! When the meat aroma of ham and the aroma of onion and green onion are all exuded, it will come out. All the above stir-frying is on medium heat to prevent the onions from being burnt!

Colorful Fried Rice recipe

7. Heat the pan with cold oil, add garlic and saute, add carrots and green peppers, stir fry, add a little salt, so that the green peppers and carrots have a bottom flavor.

Colorful Fried Rice recipe

8. Pour the fried ham, onion, egg, and rice, and stir fry together. Add minced celery and continue to fry. This will make the celery have a grainy texture. Anyway, I think it tastes better. Add a little light soy sauce at the end and pour the light soy sauce from the side of the pot to ensure that the color of the ingredients does not change!

Colorful Fried Rice recipe


1. For this fried rice, I choose green peppers and onions, because green peppers and onions can well remove some of the fishy smell of eggs and ham, and the fried rice has the fragrance of onions and green peppers;
2. Personally think it's better than putting cucumbers!
3. After frying, put the light soy sauce on the side of the pot, or it doesn't matter if you don't put it!


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