Convolvulus Omelette

Convolvulus Omelette

by Heart moves

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The chlorophyll in the water spinach is known as the "green spirit", and the protein content is also very high. It is a particularly good match with eggs, which can protect the eyes and prevent aging. Let me share with you the detailed method below. If you like this dish, let’s try it!


Convolvulus Omelette

1. Ingredients preparation

Convolvulus Omelette recipe

2. Wash water spinach stems first, shake off the water, and cut into small circles. This large handful of water spinach stems is a bit too much, so you can put a little less when you make this dish for the first time.

Convolvulus Omelette recipe

3. Knock the eggs into a large bowl and beat them up.

Convolvulus Omelette recipe

4. Add water spinach stems and salt and beat evenly.

Convolvulus Omelette recipe

5. After the frying pan is heated, pour water spinach stalks with egg mixture and fry until cooked, then pour in light soy sauce, mix well, and serve. If you want to fry it into an omelet, you have to lose more than half of the spinach stalks.

Convolvulus Omelette recipe


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