Corn Okra Biscuits

Corn Okra Biscuits

by Five meals a day

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Those who are familiar with pomelo mom should understand that I really rarely make biscuits and have no feeling for high-oil and high-sugar foods. They should appear in baby food supplements with the least posture. In my biscuit library, it is either a tooth stick or a tooth stick. It is vegetable/fruit biscuits, or whole grain biscuits, simple flour, oil and sugar biscuits, almost none.
When I saw this biscuit in a baking book, I liked it at first glance. There are yellow corn and green okra. Looking at the recipe, the oil and sugar are low, and the total amount of vegetables is more than flour. Um~ The recipe you want. With some baking powder, the finished biscuits are loose and full of vegetables in every bite. For some kids who are greedy and want to eat biscuits, the less oil and less sugar are similar to the home-cooked biscuits we usually eat. It doesn’t matter if you eat a few more pieces.

Corn Okra Biscuits

1. Ingredients:
Low-gluten flour 100g
Sugar 5g
Salt 1g aluminum-free baking powder 3g
Unsalted butter 20g
Milk 60g
80g cooked corn kernels
4 cooking methods for okra: roasted or seared. Reference age: 18M+
Operating time: 15 minutes

2. Boil the okra in boiling water for 1 minute.

Tips: Sisters who can't buy okra, I find it great to substitute broccoli.

3. Cut crosswise into small pieces of 7-8 mm thick for later use.

4. Add the softened butter to the flour, add sugar, salt, and baking powder together, squeeze it with your fingers, and rub the palms together to make the butter finely crushed. Finally, the flour becomes semolina, like yellow coarse corn flour.

tips: Here, butter can be replaced with cooking oil. A small amount of baking powder is a healthy additive, it can make the pastry crisp,

5. Add the corn kernels and okra flakes, and stir with a spoon in a cutting way.

6. Then take 3/4 of the milk and pour it into the container and mix it evenly, then add the remaining milk, and stir in the same way.

Tips: Use water or juice without milk.

Corn Okra Biscuits recipe

7. Finally, there is a thick vegetable batter.

tips: I have more corn and okra than the original recipe, and the adhesion is very good, just put it.

Corn Okra Biscuits recipe

8. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.

Corn Okra Biscuits recipe

9. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.

Corn Okra Biscuits recipe

10. Bake for 20 minutes in the oven at 200 degrees, middle level, upper and lower fire. Bake for 10 minutes midway, add tin paper/linoleum to prevent the surface from getting darker.

Tips: The surface is somewhat stained after baking for 10 minutes, and you must cover it immediately. This kind of biscuits take the small and fresh route, and the color is too dark and not beautiful.

Corn Okra Biscuits recipe


Pomelo mom said:

The amount of sugar and salt is low, and the biscuits have a light taste. I and Xiaoyuzu both like them. If you like to eat heavy-flavored biscuits, you probably have no love. This biscuit is still worth trying for everyone.

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