Cooked Corn Kernels recipes

Braised Rice with Beans

Northeast Rice, Carrot, Carob

Corn Omelette

Cooked Corn Kernels, Egg, Shallot

Garden Salad

Beibei Pumpkin, Small Potato, Boiled Eggs

Rice Cooker Pizza

Flour, Mozzarella Cheese, Salt

Hot Noodle Pie

Flour, Dumpling Filling, Oil

Corn Okra Biscuits

Low-gluten Flour, Salt, Sugar

Fried Rice with Sausage and Soy Sauce

Rice, Cantonese Sausage, Egg

Pork Floss Rice Ball

Rice, Pork Floss, Broken Nori

Lamb Liver Fried Rice

Sheep Liver, Leftover Rice, Carrot

Sausage Rice Ball Bento

Rice, Sausage, Cucumber

Garlic Fried Rice

Garlic, Carrot, Cooked Corn Kernels

Assorted Shrimp Baked Rice

Rice, Shrimp, Finger Carrot

Octopus Dumplings

Low-gluten Flour, Water, Egg

Pineapple Rice

Pineapple, Rice, Cooked Corn Kernels

Assorted Fried Rice

Overnight Rice, Ham Sausage, Cooked Corn Kernels