Corn Pork Ribs Soup

Corn Pork Ribs Soup

by Sky Blue 1761

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Fresh corn on the cob is sweet and nutritious. It is chopped and served with ribs stew. It is very delicious and not greasy at all. Not to be missed in this dry autumn


Corn Pork Ribs Soup

1. Put the ribs in an electric pressure cooker after boiling water

Corn Pork Ribs Soup recipe

2. Wash the corn on the cob and chop it into the pot

Corn Pork Ribs Soup recipe

3. Cut carrots into large pieces and put them in the pot

Corn Pork Ribs Soup recipe

4. Put an appropriate amount of salt, sliced ginger and scallions into the pot together, add an appropriate amount of water, close the lid of the pressure cooker, and press the bone button

Corn Pork Ribs Soup recipe


Ribs should not be watered for too long. Soak them in clear water in advance to remove the sundries. The soup should be light. It is recommended not to put too much seasoning.


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