Corn Yam Soup

Corn Yam Soup

by Cloud side diners

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Drink a bowl of health soup in the afternoon


Corn Yam Soup

1. Prepare materials

Corn Yam Soup recipe

2. Cut tomatoes, slice ginger

Corn Yam Soup recipe

3. Radish and yam cut into small pieces

Corn Yam Soup recipe

4. Wash a small amount of wolfberry for later use

Corn Yam Soup recipe

5. Put all the ingredients in a cast iron pot, add water without the ingredients, boil at high heat and turn to low heat

Corn Yam Soup recipe

6. Simmer on low heat for 1-1.5 hours

Corn Yam Soup recipe

7. Put it in a bowl after cooking

Corn Yam Soup recipe

8. A meal, a graceful afternoon, a long-distance folk song

Corn Yam Soup recipe


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