Crab Casserole Porridge

Crab Casserole Porridge

by Fried bean curd

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I remember that when I was in Shantou, I used to go out to eat porridge for supper in the evening. What is unforgettable for a long time is the crab porridge cooked in the food stall at the entrance of Chenghai Bank of Communications. Fresh sea crabs are used as ingredients and placed in a casserole. , I served a bowl and tasted a bite is really fresh, I can drop my eyebrows, I have been away from Shantou for several years, and now I miss the life at that time very much, happy and worry-free~


Crab Casserole Porridge

1. Wash the surface of the crab with a brush and prepare the seasoning

Crab Casserole Porridge recipe

2. Open the lid to remove inedible impurities such as crab gills; divide the crab into small pieces and marinate with a little cooking wine

Crab Casserole Porridge recipe

3. Put the right amount of rice and water in the casserole, and boil the rice until it matures and blooms

Crab Casserole Porridge recipe

4. Add the marinated crab cubes to a low heat and simmer until the porridge becomes sticky. Add sesame oil and mix well. Season with a little salt, sprinkle in pepper and chopped green onion and it will be out of the pot.

Crab Casserole Porridge recipe
Crab Casserole Porridge recipe
Crab Casserole Porridge recipe


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