Cranberry Biscuits

Cranberry Biscuits

by Jennifer_ Zhang

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Usually at work, my friends urged them several times, so they stayed up late to make it to 1 in the morning. This is the joy of baking.

Cranberry Biscuits

1. Prepare materials

Cranberry Biscuits recipe

2. Separate the egg yolk and egg white, and add sugar to the egg white for three times

Cranberry Biscuits recipe

3. Beat the egg yolks evenly, pour 10ml corn oil, add dried cranberry, add the beaten egg whites in three times and mix well

Cranberry Biscuits recipe

4. Sift in the cornmeal and low flour, and use a mold to make strips

Cranberry Biscuits recipe

5. Freeze in the refrigerator for 1.5 hours, sliced

Cranberry Biscuits recipe

6. The oven fires up and down 180 degrees for half an hour

Cranberry Biscuits recipe

7. The small package is individually packaged, so convenient

Cranberry Biscuits recipe

8. A big bag full

Cranberry Biscuits recipe

9. perfect

Cranberry Biscuits recipe


Master Zhang usually likes to exercise, cornmeal replaces butter, coarse grains are healthier, American imported cranberry, the ingredients are exquisite, and you can eat with peace of mind. Qixi Festival is here, I have to prepare gifts for my friends as soon as possible


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