Eggs (red Skin) recipes

Spinach Puree Chiffon Cake

Spinach Juice, Eggs (red Skin), Low-gluten Flour

Fried Sea Oyster Omelette

Sea Oyster, Eggs (red Skin)

Pancakes with Green Sauce

Flour, Eggs (red Skin), Shimizu

Instant Noodles Mixed with Soup

Low-gluten Flour, Instant Noodles, Eggs (red Skin)

Carrot Pancakes

Carrot, Eggs (red Skin), Flour

Tomato and Egg Pimple Soup

Flour, Eggs (red Skin), Tomato

Different Waffles

Low-gluten Flour, Sugar, Butter

Crispy Meatloaf

Pork Filling, Chives, Flour

Honey Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Leg, Eggs (red Skin), Corn Starch

Simple Tiger Skin Egg

Eggs (red Skin), Garlic, Chives

Crispy Meatloaf

Pork Filling, Flour, Sesame Oil

Fuji Girl Pan-fried Sophora Flower Cake

Flour, Eggs (red Skin), Sophora Japonica

Hot Pepper and Egg Marinated Noodles

Hand-rolled Noodles, Green Pepper, Eggs (red Skin)

Cranberry Biscuits

Low Powder, Eggs (red Skin), White Sugar

Kimchi Fried Rice

Rice, Kimchi, Eggs (red Skin)