Crispy Crucian Carp

Crispy Crucian Carp

by Simple 7700

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February to April is the season when crucian carp is plump, and fish is in season. Crucian carp has high nutritional value and is suitable for all ages. Children eat it and grow fast and have strong resistance. Crucian carp contains less fat and tastes fresh and not fatty. It is very suitable for women who want to beautify but are afraid of fatness. Crucian carp also has the effects of invigorating the spleen, appetizing, replenishing qi, distilling water, clearing milk, and dehumidifying. Although crucian carp is delicious and nutritious, it is spiny. Adults are very careful when eating crucian, not to mention children. Parents are very worried about their children being caught by the fishbone.
I have a colleague who is a fishing enthusiast. He caught a lot of fresh crucian carp and gave me some. The fish is really fresh. Because it is relatively small, my colleague helped me kill the fish that I caught. , I am very grateful for my colleague’s kindness, I have to make these fresh ingredients delicious. I also thought that my baby doesn't eat fish very much, so I made a crispy crucian carp for her at home today. Let's make delicious crispy crucian carp together.


Crispy Crucian Carp

1. First of all, we will clean the killed crucian carp, let it dry in clean water, put an appropriate amount of edible salt inside and out, and marinate for 10 minutes.

Crispy Crucian Carp recipe

2. Use a plate, add three spoons of cornstarch, add a small amount of water and stir evenly, as long as there is no dry powder.

Crispy Crucian Carp recipe

3. Put the crucian carp into the cornstarch liquid, and coat both sides with cornstarch liquid for later use.

Crispy Crucian Carp recipe

4. Take a clean, water-free wok, add an appropriate amount of cooking oil, and heat.

Crispy Crucian Carp recipe

5. When the temperature of the oil in the pan rises, put it in the top of the wok with your hands. When you feel the heat obviously, you can put a small crucian carp into the oil pan. The oil pan immediately rolls over, and then put the remaining crucian carp separately. Pay attention Use medium heat. Fry it until it is set, then use chopsticks to turn the fish.

Crispy Crucian Carp recipe

6. Out of the pan.

Crispy Crucian Carp recipe


This crispy crucian carp is very simple and delicious. It is mainly in these three steps. The first step is that the fish must be salted to the whole fish and marinated in advance for the taste. The second step is to wrap the whole body of the crucian carp with cornstarch liquid. The fried fish is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, which is more fragrant. The third step is to put the fish in the oil pan, the oil temperature must be high, so that the fried fish will be more crispy, if the temperature is too low, the fried fish will be harder. There is also a small reminder that although fried fish is delicious, don't be greedy. Fried fish will be more irritating, and it will be better to eat it with some soup. If the crucian carp is relatively large, it is recommended to re-fry, so that the fried fish will be more crispy.


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