Crispy Egg Roll

Crispy Egg Roll

by Wanshanhong

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Many desserts have a high oil content, especially if you make desserts for children, you will pay much attention to the issue of oil. Walnut oil is my first choice. As long as it is a dessert for children, I will choose walnut oil because it is healthy and nourishing. In particular, Gelinuoer cold-pressed walnut oil, selects fresh and high-quality walnuts, and adopts low-temperature lock-fresh cold-pressed technology, which is more suitable for babies to use. Today I will use this walnut oil to make an egg roll for my baby.


Crispy Egg Roll

1. The amount of egg yolk I used is relatively large, it is 3 to give the egg yolk a whole egg, the total amount is 130 grams, you can also use whole eggs. Put the eggs and sugar in the basin

Crispy Egg Roll recipe

2. Put in Grenoir cold-pressed walnut oil

Crispy Egg Roll recipe

3. Stir evenly and add the juice of half a lemon to remove fishy and enhance the flavor

Crispy Egg Roll recipe

4. Add low-gluten flour and mix well, then add black sesame seeds and mix well

Crispy Egg Roll recipe

5. After the pan is slightly heated, remove from the fire, scoop a spoonful of the egg roll paste into the pan, do not put it on the fire, first cover with greased paper, and flatten the egg roll paste with the loose bottom of the cake mold. Be sure to press it away from the fire, you can calmly press it evenly, it won’t stick to the pot

Crispy Egg Roll recipe

6. After being flattened, put it on the fire, slowly fry on a low fire, and remove the oil paper when there are small bubbles in the oil paper

Crispy Egg Roll recipe

7. After one side is cooked, turn over and continue to fry. Fry on both sides for about 4-5 minutes. Be sure to reduce the heat and keep rotating to ensure even heating.

Crispy Egg Roll recipe

8. After frying, roll it up with chopsticks while it is hot, and it will be very crispy after cooling. "Glennor cold-pressed walnut oil is more suitable for babies' health"

Crispy Egg Roll recipe


1. When flattening and thinning with oil paper, be sure to press it away from the fire, so that it can be pressed evenly and will not stick or stick to the pan.
2. When frying, fry slowly on a low fire, and do not overheat it. This will help the water in the egg roll paste to evaporate fully, and the egg roll will not paste, and it will not damage the nutrition of walnut oil due to the high temperature.


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