Crispy Egg Roll

Crispy Egg Roll

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I have always made low-fat egg rolls, which don't use much oil, and taste crispy and crispy. At that time, I was always reluctant to use oil, and always had a grudge against Duoduo. Now I finally come to make a crispy egg roll with relatively more oil and see which of the two types of egg rolls is better. Sure enough, the taste is completely different with more oil, the aroma is increased, and the taste is very crisp. The meaning of crispness is that it is easy to scum off. Don't use too much force. It tastes very oily, and I still like the crispy low-fat egg rolls. In order to take care of the taste of the patrons, the original butter is replaced with peanut oil, and the egg rolls taste like peanuts. However, I thought that with a little more oil, the batter might look thinner, but the adjusted batter was still much thicker than expected. The egg rolls on the street seem to use very thin batter?


Crispy Egg Roll

1. Ingredients: 28g peanut oil, 20g fine sugar, 50g whole egg, 22g low-gluten flour, a little salt

Crispy Egg Roll recipe

2. Pour peanut oil into the egg mixture, stir well, mix well, add sugar and salt, and stir well. Sift in low-gluten flour and mix in irregular directions to form a uniform batter

Crispy Egg Roll recipe

3. Put the egg roll mold on the fire, medium and low heat, preheat both sides for a total of 3-5 minutes, put in a spoonful of batter, sandwich it, bake for about two minutes, and turn it over 2-3 times. The crust is golden brown, out of the pan, roll up while it is hot, wrap it in a paper towel and set for half a minute, then

Crispy Egg Roll recipe


The egg roll mold needs to be preheated in advance and the baking time needs to be adjusted according to the firepower and the size of the crust. The firepower should not be too high, so as not to be scorched, a chopstick or stick can be used to assist. Personally feel that bare hands are the most convenient.


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