Crispy Noodle Fish

Crispy Noodle Fish

by Skinny bubble

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This [Fragrant Crispy Noodle Fish] is very simple. After marinating the noodle fish, coat it with flour powder and throw it into the oil pan~~ The noodle fish that tastes crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, smells fragrant and comes out of the pot.


Crispy Noodle Fish

1. Rinse the fresh fish noodles that I bought back, use salt, vinegar, flavor, soy sauce, pepper powder and cooking wine to marinate for about ten minutes; if there is no flavor, I use soy sauce, I marinate for half an hour, no pepper can be black pepper, don’t put it That's also fine.

Crispy Noodle Fish recipe

2. After pickling, you need to control the water, you can add some cornstarch, but you can leave it alone.

Crispy Noodle Fish recipe

3. Now prepare the flour, dumpling flour is fine too. Put a thin layer of flour in the basin to prevent the fish from losing water.

Crispy Noodle Fish recipe

4. Serve the pot.

Crispy Noodle Fish recipe

5. Put an appropriate amount of oil in the pot.

Crispy Noodle Fish recipe

6. Dip the noodle fish one by one with flour and put it into the oil pan.

Crispy Noodle Fish recipe

7. Add the fish when the oil is soaking, and put them into the pot one by one to prevent adhesion. Heat a pot of oil and fry until golden brown.

Crispy Noodle Fish recipe

8. The color and taste are good, eat it while it is hot, you can dip it with salt and pepper.

Crispy Noodle Fish recipe


The method is very simple, with only one fishbone in the middle.


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