Crucian Carp Soup

Crucian Carp Soup

by A Mushroom cool

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Fish soup is usually boiled, and shark fin and fish bones are discarded. You don’t know that fish bones have the most nutritional value. The fish bone and shark fin can be crushed with a wall breaking machine. The nutritional value is all in the soup. Bowl of fish soup, delicious and nutritious


Crucian Carp Soup

1. Clean the crucian carp, remove all the internal organs, and remove the black skin inside.

Crucian Carp Soup recipe

2. The fish use kitchen paper to absorb moisture,

Crucian Carp Soup recipe

3. Peel the ginger, wash and slice

Crucian Carp Soup recipe

4. Heat the pan with cold oil, add ginger slices and crucian carp and fry on both sides

Crucian Carp Soup recipe

5. Pour into the wall-breaking machine, pour an appropriate amount of water, and do not exceed the upper limit of hot drinks

Crucian Carp Soup recipe

6. Start the wall breaker and press the soup/paste button

Crucian Carp Soup recipe

7. You can drink the rich and nutritious crucian carp soup in 30 minutes

Crucian Carp Soup recipe


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