Crucian Fish Soup

Crucian Fish Soup

by He Xiaoliu

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Crucian Fish Soup

1. First clean the crucian carp, slice the fish diagonally for three times, pour in an appropriate amount of cooking wine, and marinate with green onions and ginger for about ten minutes.

Crucian Fish Soup recipe

2. Heat the pan and pour the oil, add the ginger and sauté fragrant, add the crucian carp on both sides and fry until it is slightly yellow. It cannot be burnt on high fire, and it cannot be turned over with a shovel. Putting ginger first can prevent the fish skin from sticking to the pan. complete.

Crucian Fish Soup recipe

3. After frying the fish, pour in cold water, add enough water at a time, without adding water in the middle, turn to low heat and simmer slowly until the soup is milky white, and then it can be out of the pot. Simmer on low heat for about 20 minutes. The longer the stewing time is. The thicker, I did not take pictures, only the fish after the stew.

Crucian Fish Soup recipe

4. Cut green onion and chopped coriander when stewing fish

Crucian Fish Soup recipe

5. Add right amount of salt and it can be out of the pot. My water is a bit too much. The soup is not very white. The fish and soup are separated. For fear of thorns in the soup, sprinkle with chopped green onion and coriander and add some white pepper to start eating. .

Crucian Fish Soup recipe


1. When handling fish, be careful not to break the gall bladder, and scrape the black film in the belly, otherwise it will be fishy. 2. Be sure to stew with cold water.


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