Crucian Papaya Soup

Crucian Papaya Soup

by Chi Chi Chi Chi Bei Bei Bei Bei

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Crucian Papaya Soup


Crucian Papaya Soup

1. 10 grams of ginger sliced, 300 grams of papaya, seeded, peeled, cut into pieces and set aside; 250 grams of crucian carp, peeled off the scales, washed off the gills

Crucian Papaya Soup recipe

2. Put four tablespoons (about 40 grams) of edible oil in a hot pot, fry the carp until browned on both sides, add three slices of ginger (about 10 grams), pour in about 700 grams of hot water, wait until the fish soup boils, and reduce Simmering

Crucian Papaya Soup recipe

3. Stew until the fish soup is milky white and the soup is rich, add half a tablespoon of salt (about 5 g), add the chopped papaya and cook for three minutes. Put it into the soup bowl.

Crucian Papaya Soup recipe


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