Crucian Tofu Soup

Crucian Tofu Soup

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The crucian carp tofu soup is not difficult, but it is very particular about making a thick and milky soup. The fish must be fried thoroughly, boiled water, and a high heat until the soup is white and then turned to medium heat! Crucian carp tofu soup is not only cheap, but also tastes good. It can nourish the body while resolving gluttony. How to make crucian carp tofu soup so that it is fresh and not fishy? Now I will tell you all the tips for making crucian carp tofu soup!


Crucian Tofu Soup

1. Cut tofu into cubes for later use, soft tofu is best

Crucian Tofu Soup recipe

2. Wash the crucian carp, scrape the scales to remove the black film of the fish belly, add a little salt, ginger and cooking wine, smear and marinate evenly;

Crucian Tofu Soup recipe

3. After the large hot pot is hot, pour the oil, put the ginger slices in and fry a few times, and fry the crucian carp slowly over medium and low heat. Fry slowly on a low fire, don't rush to turn it, shake the pan slightly after it's ready to fry, turn it over and fry the other side until golden;

Crucian Tofu Soup recipe

4. Pour 2 bowls of water, add cooking wine, green onion and ginger slices to a boil

Crucian Tofu Soup recipe

5. .When the soup turns white, add tofu, turn to medium heat, cover and simmer for 5 minutes

Crucian Tofu Soup recipe

6. Add appropriate amount of salt and pepper to taste, sprinkle a little green onion or coriander on the surface.

Crucian Tofu Soup recipe


1. The crucian must be slightly fried on both sides, and the soup must be boiled, so that the cooked fish soup will be as white as milk.
2. Crucian carp must be torn off the black film inside the abdomen, first add salt and other seasonings to marinate
3. Fry the fish slowly on a low fire. Don't rush the fish. When the fish is almost fried, shake the pan gently so that the fish can move, and then turn the fish so that the skin will not break;
4. When buying crucian carp, it is best to let the store go to the scales, remove the internal organs and clean up, and then go home and wash it with running water.
5. After adding boiling water, be sure to boil the soup on high heat until the soup is white, then turn to medium heat and continue to boil, don't use too low heat. This is the reason why a small fire produces a clear soup, and a high fire produces a white soup.
6. A good partner for fish soup is white pepper except ginger; adding ginger and white pepper not only has a good effect on removing fishy, but also uses its warming effect to neutralize the coldness of the fish.


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