Crystal Moon Cake

Crystal Moon Cake

by Zhou Xingyu (from WeChat...)

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Isn’t the small, watery crystal moon cake so cute? happy mid-Autumn Festival!


Crystal Moon Cake

1. Raw white jelly

Crystal Moon Cake recipe

2. Take 50 grams of powder and put it in a small bowl

Crystal Moon Cake recipe

3. Pour in a little cool boiled water to melt the powder

Crystal Moon Cake recipe

4. Waterproof boiling in a pot

Crystal Moon Cake recipe

5. After the water in the pot is boiled, pour the melted juice in the bowl little by little into the pot, and stir while pouring

Crystal Moon Cake recipe

6. Cut the fruit into your favorite flower type

Crystal Moon Cake recipe

7. Prepare the abrasive tool

Crystal Moon Cake recipe

8. First take a few spoonfuls of jelly and put it in a small bowl to cool until it is about to condense, about 40 degrees, pour it into the mold, don’t fill it up, one-third of the way, put the fruit in the middle, and then pour the fruit. Put two-thirds of the same amount until it is full, the jelly will solidify in two or three minutes

Crystal Moon Cake recipe

9. Demould after two or three minutes, crystal clear~

Crystal Moon Cake recipe


So delicious~ Remember to follow the author and give the author the most powerful comment~ Thank you! happy mid-Autumn Festival!


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