Cucumber Dumplings

Cucumber Dumplings

by Minger Kitchen

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The three big and small masters in my family are usually meatless and unhappy. They eat less fruits and vegetables. It is fine in other seasons, but in summer, there will be some symptoms of getting angry. Cucumbers can be said to be the king of melons in summer. Yesterday, I saw cucumbers at the vegetable market. They were very cheap. You can buy a bunch of them for only 50 cents a catty, and you can buy a bunch of them for a dollar that differs in quality. It's really cheap. Hurry up and buy back a big bag, usually cold, dipping sauce, hot stir-fry are delicious. Thinking of my old son’s love to eat dumplings, this is also the first time I used cucumbers to make dumplings without any meat. As a result, my son took one bite and ate a large plate. He said it was delicious, haha, it was just in time for my appetite.

Today’s stuffed dumplings are delicious because of the fragrance of cucumbers, the deliciousness of scallops, and the nutrition and mellowness of eggs, creating today’s deliciousness. It’s delicious and you can see it!


Cucumber Dumplings

1. First, add the flour to the water and make the dough into a suitable soft and hard dough, and seal it for proofing. The cucumber is shredded with a wire grater and chopped into fillings; the scallops are washed and chopped with the black tails removed; the eggs are fried in a pan and made into pieces for later use.

Cucumber Dumplings recipe

2. Put the minced cucumber, minced scallops, minced eggs, and minced green onions into a pot, add oil, salt, and oyster sauce.

Cucumber Dumplings recipe

3. Stir evenly and serve the dumpling filling, it will be very appetizing when you look at it. Because there is no meat in the filling, there is no need to think about removing fishy, so the mixing is very simple.

Cucumber Dumplings recipe

4. Knead the dough gently to form gluten, pull it into a small agent, roll out the dumpling skin that is slightly thicker in the middle and thinner on the sides, put the dumpling filling in the middle, and squeeze it into a dumpling with both hands.

Cucumber Dumplings recipe

5. Repeat the operation until all the dumplings are wrapped, put them in a pot of boiling water and cook them before serving.

Cucumber Dumplings recipe


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