Cumin Rolls

Cumin Rolls


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To nourish the spleen and stomach in autumn, come to this cumin bread roll. Rich and slightly salty cumin powder is added to the bread. The overall taste of the bread is just right! You can try if you like! ~~by@若水入厨


Cumin Rolls

1. Add the fennel and butter ingredients into the mixing tank of the chef's machine in the order of liquid first, then powder, and turn on the low gear to knead the dough.

Cumin Rolls recipe

2. Knead the dough until it is smoother, add butter, absorb cooked fennel/cumin, and mix well.

Cumin Rolls recipe

3. Knead until the dough can pull out a strong film.

Cumin Rolls recipe

4. The dough is rounded and fermented at room temperature for one hour in a mixing tank (Beijing Autumn).

Cumin Rolls recipe

5. Divide the fermented dough into 9 portions, and cover with plastic wrap to relax for 10 minutes after being rounded.

Cumin Rolls recipe

6. Roll the dough into a hammer shape. Turn it over and roll it up and put it on a greased paper baking tray.

Cumin Rolls recipe

7. Brush some olive oil on the surface, roll out the small end first and then the larger end to form an isosceles triangle with a base of about 9 cm.

Cumin Rolls recipe

8. Turn it over and roll it up and put it on a greased paper baking tray.

Cumin Rolls recipe

9. CO-3703W WIFI cloud smart oven, using fermentation function for secondary fermentation is about 2 times larger.

Cumin Rolls recipe

10. Heat the oven up and down at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. After the preheating is complete, the sound will be heard, and then the middle and lower floors will be baked. The middle is covered with tin foil depending on the coloring.

Cumin Rolls recipe

11. After the baking is finished, put some butter on the surface of the rolls immediately, one is bright and the other is water-retaining, and the taste is softer.

Cumin Rolls recipe


1. Because the water absorption of each flour is different, do not add liquid all at once, adjust appropriately according to the state of the dough.
2. The cook machine uses a low speed to mix the dough, which can prevent the dough from heating up too fast and making the bread taste bad.
3. Be careful not to let the surface of the dough air dry when shaping.
4. For buttered cumin rolls, milk can be used instead of butter.
5. The baking temperature and time are for reference only, please adjust appropriately according to the oven temperature performance.


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