Cumin Sheep Scorpion

Cumin Sheep Scorpion

by Crazy Grass (from Tencent.)

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Spicy and salty, the meat is fragrant and tender.


Cumin Sheep Scorpion

1. Soak the sheep scorpion in clean water overnight, blanch the zaituo in the boiling water of the cooking wine, rinse and put it in an electric pressure cooker, add ginger, green onion, pepper, and braised soy sauce, and press for 20 minutes.

Cumin Sheep Scorpion recipe

2. Slice the onion and ginger, and cut the yellow onion into sections.

Cumin Sheep Scorpion recipe

3. Heat and heat oil, add onion, ginger, and yellow onion and stir fry to create a fragrance;

Cumin Sheep Scorpion recipe

4. Press down the drained sheep and scorpion, about to fry;

Cumin Sheep Scorpion recipe

5. Add salt, cumin powder, pepper powder, sea pepper powder, chicken essence;

Cumin Sheep Scorpion recipe

6. Stir it quickly and evenly.

Cumin Sheep Scorpion recipe


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