Laotang Sheep Scorpion

Laotang Sheep Scorpion

by Luo Shengtang

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Recently, the weather in Beijing is extremely cold. I haven't driven for a few days, and even the door of the car is frozen. Two hands are holding the handles, kicking their feet on the car, pulling and pulling hard, just hanging on the car. I said hello to my neighbors, but I didn't open it. I had no choice but to wait for the weather to get warm in the coming year. Oh yeah!
As soon as the cold weather came, I gradually increased the number of times I went to Niujie. As usual, I made four beef buns to eat first. It must be fresh out of the cage. It was so delicious. The meat filling was shining in the sun, steaming, and the juice mixed with the oil and water, and it slowly flowed until it blended with my saliva, and the dough was so fragrant, I don’t know how they made it, so Angrily bought a few kilograms of minced beef, ready to follow suit, I don't know if it can be made. Estimated to hang. . . . . . The most awesome thing is that there is a beef bun on the other street. He comes out every morning. There is no shop, just a tricycle. This line is lined up. Every time he goes there, he can see a large basket of large baskets. Put the buns in the car, and they will be gone for a while. I really envy him. How delicious this is. Niujie is really amazing!
I bought a mutton scorpion and asked the shopkeeper to help me remove the tenderloin. Otherwise, there is too much meat and it’s boring to eat. It’s better to chew the meat on the side of the bone. Freeze the removed meat and slice it when turning back to cook the lamb. . Sheep scorpion in the winter in the north can be said to be synonymous with warmth second only to mutton lamb. Of course, it is also considered hot pot, but the way to eat it is different. First eat meat and chew on the bones, and then use the soup to cook the noodles. It’s very enjoyable. Today, let’s have an old soup lamb scorpion, which is also a dish I often make in winter.


Laotang Sheep Scorpion

1. Prepare ingredients

Laotang Sheep Scorpion recipe

2. Prepare the spices

Laotang Sheep Scorpion recipe

3. Spices wrapped in gauze

Laotang Sheep Scorpion recipe

4. Sheep scorpion should be soaked in clean water for two hours in advance to remove blood

Laotang Sheep Scorpion recipe

5. Cut the green onion into sections, cut the ginger into thick slices, unpeel the garlic and break it apart. Use a little water to pour out the dry yellow sauce, so you don’t need to pour out the yellow bean sauce.

Laotang Sheep Scorpion recipe

6. Sheep scorpion in a pot under cold water. After boiling, skim off the foam in time, cook for 5 minutes to let the blood drain out, turn off the heat and set aside

Laotang Sheep Scorpion recipe

7. Take another frying pan, pour some oil, heat up to 70%, add ginger slices and garlic and fry it, turn off the heat

Laotang Sheep Scorpion recipe

8. Sauté the yellow sauce that swells down over medium heat until the yellow sauce is shiny and the aroma comes out

Laotang Sheep Scorpion recipe

9. Pour the cooked lamb scorpion and the soup into the pot, put the green onion, soy sauce, rice wine, salt and rock sugar to a boil

Laotang Sheep Scorpion recipe

10. Cover the pot and cook on low heat for one to one and a half hours.

Laotang Sheep Scorpion recipe


1. The sheep scorpion must be chopped up for you by the clerk, otherwise it will be very painful to go home. It must be soaked for several hours to let the blood inside release so that there will be no peculiar smell;
2. When cooking the lamb scorpion, you should keep skimming the blood foam until there is no foam or a little of the froth is white, so that the soup of the lamb scorpion can be used, and there is no need to worry about the peculiar smell;
3. The yellow sauce should be fried with warm oil. The fire should not be high and it is easy to paste. When the yellow sauce shines, it is almost the same, so that the soup will be more fragrant. Soy sauce can be fried directly without water diarrhea;
4. Use the lowest heat to stew. If it feels that the soup is too big when covered with a lid, don't cover it tightly. If you want to eat lamb scorpion hot pot, you need more soup, because it will evaporate when it is stewed;
5. If the soup can be left, save it and use it next time, it will be the old soup. Of course, don't need the hot pot after boiling it, it is the old saliva!


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