Curry Chicken Baked Rice

Curry Chicken Baked Rice

by Yoha Kitchen

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Baked rice is the perfect combination of cheese and rice, and it is also a simple meal that Cheesekong loves. The fragrant brushed cheese, the full-flavored rice, and a variety of vegetables and meats, this kind of baked rice is not only a favorite of children, but adults can't pull their legs when they see this baked rice. A certain customer’s baked rice was greeted by the children every day at home. Fortunately, there are food ingredients at home, so they can start cooking them immediately.
The protagonist of baked rice: rice, which can be fried first (fried rice), or directly baked with white rice and various meat and vegetables. You can use either freshly cooked rice or leftover rice. Some people say that baked rice is the best way to consume leftover rice. I use chicken breasts to replenish protein, increase immunity, eat full to make me strong, save enough energy to go to work, come on!


Curry Chicken Baked Rice

1. First, make a pot of rice. The rice steamed by Joyoung steam rice cooker is really delicious, traditional steam stewed rice. After using 2 cups of 300 grams of rice, the amount of water is added to the 2 cup mark.

Curry Chicken Baked Rice recipe

2. Use the rice function for 20 minutes

Curry Chicken Baked Rice recipe

3. The space for the stewed rice is to prepare other ingredients for the stewed rice. Wash the green pepper and cut into small pieces, and peel the onion, wash and cut into small pieces. Wash the chicken breasts and cut into small pieces. Use a little salt, white pepper, and starch in advance to pick up and marinate for more than ten minutes.

Curry Chicken Baked Rice recipe

4. Heat a wok on a low heat, heat up a little vegetable oil, and stir-fry the onions. Stir-fry until soft, add the diced chicken and fry until the color turns white.

Curry Chicken Baked Rice recipe

5. Add green peppers and stir well, add 1.5 tablespoons of curry powder and stir well. After the curry and vegetable chicken are stir-fried, turn off the heat and set aside.

Curry Chicken Baked Rice recipe

6. The ingredients for the baked rice are ready, and the rice is ready. The white rice just comes out of the pot smells fragrant, and the freshly cooked rice has a soft and chewy texture, and the grains of rice are distinct. The steam rice cooker and the rice cooker have different principles for simmering rice.

Curry Chicken Baked Rice recipe

7. Place a layer of white rice in the baked rice container, and the rice can be used while it is hot.

Curry Chicken Baked Rice recipe

8. Spread a layer of curry chicken and vegetables on top of the rice, and spread a layer of shredded mozzarella cheese on top.

Curry Chicken Baked Rice recipe

9. Spread a layer of rice, a layer of curry chicken and vegetables, and a final layer of shredded cheese to cover the entire container.

Curry Chicken Baked Rice recipe

10. Put the lunch box in the middle and lower layer of the oven with the upper and lower tubes preheated at 200 degrees in advance, and bake for about 15 minutes. Do not leave people when baking, observe the baking situation at any time, and take out the cheese when you see the surface cheese is completely colored.

Curry Chicken Baked Rice recipe

11. The cheese-baked rice must be eaten while it is hot, and the cheese is fragrant and shredded. This rice is not only a favorite for children, but also for adults.

Curry Chicken Baked Rice recipe


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