Curry Crab

Curry Crab

by He Xiaohe

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Crab feet are itchy in the autumn breeze. Now is a good time to eat crabs. Living in coastal cities, the plump swimming crabs should not be too delicious. The deliciousness of seafood is particularly liked by many people, and it is delicious without getting fat. Those who love beauty can eat as much as they want without fear of getting fat.
Swimming crabs are usually steamed a lot, and the original flavor is what I like. However, my bear kid always prefers richer flavor dishes, and curry crab is his favorite.
Curry crab is a hard dish, even if there are guests at home, it is super face to serve guests. The method is also very simple, you can understand it at a glance, hurry up and learn how to make it for your family.


Curry Crab

1. A fresh swimming crab, don’t eat dead crabs

Curry Crab recipe

2. To disassemble the crab, first disassemble the crab cover, pull it open after pulling hard, and remove the cheeks and stomach. Those are cold and inedible. Cut the crab into two halves from the middle.

Curry Crab recipe

3. The sliced noodles are glued with cornstarch, and the crab claws can be slightly flattened to make it easier to taste when cooking

Curry Crab recipe

4. Put a little bit of salad oil in the pan, but butter is also fine, the flavor is more intense, put in the crab nuggets soaked in cornstarch and start frying.

Curry Crab recipe

5. When frying the crab cubes, chop the onion, mince the garlic, and shred the ginger.

Curry Crab recipe

6. When the crab pieces are fried until the cut surface turns yellow and the whole becomes red, push it aside, put the onion, garlic, and ginger into it and fry it to get the fragrance.

Curry Crab recipe

7. Add coconut milk, no coconut milk is also ok. It can be less than the amount of crab, and then add curry powder, sugar, fish sauce and salt to taste. It is also possible without fish sauce soy sauce, and the final taste is not much worse.

Curry Crab recipe

8. Finally, collect the juice until it is sticky, wrap it all on the curry crab, and add a coriander to garnish it. Use coriander if you don’t have herbs, haha, this is our homemade curry crab.

Curry Crab recipe


1. Choose fresh crabs.
2. You can also choose curry paste, which is more convenient and you like it.


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