Delicious Instant Noodles

Delicious Instant Noodles

by Xie Sinuo

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Today, it has been raining at home. The heavy rain is heavy and urgent, and the rain has never stopped, so that the water in the house cannot be drained out, the door has become a river, and the entire community has become a river. If you can’t increase the water output, you can choose something simpler for dinner. When you find that there is a pack of instant noodles in the kitchen, you can get some vegetables and ham from the refrigerator to start a delicious dinner journey!


Delicious Instant Noodles

1. One pack of instant noodles, one ham sausage, three greens, and wash the greens for later use

Delicious Instant Noodles recipe

2. Use a knife to cut vertically into 5 cm wide strips, and then cut three times across

Delicious Instant Noodles recipe

3. Cut the ham in half with a knife, then cut into small pieces

Delicious Instant Noodles recipe

4. Put a bowl of water into the pot and let it boil

Delicious Instant Noodles recipe

5. Break the noodles into two pieces, put in the vegetable bag and sauce bag

Delicious Instant Noodles recipe

6. Add the greens and ham sausage, turn off the heat when the greens are cooked

Delicious Instant Noodles recipe

7. Put five drops of sesame oil after serving

Delicious Instant Noodles recipe


A bowl of fragrant noodles is out, nutritious and delicious!


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