Steamed Sea Bass

Steamed Sea Bass

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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When the Spring Festival is here, I can’t eat pork and beef anymore. I like to eat something light all day long. During this time, in addition to various vegetables and nutritional food for my family, I only choose fish and shrimp. Fish and shrimp are rich in protein and fat. Less, the winter tonic is the most suitable.

However, no matter how nutritious things are, it must be in season, and fish is the same. The types of fish are very diverse. Some fish are suitable for winter and some are suitable for summer. When the weather is cold, the most suitable one is sea bass. The sea bass in winter is the most tender and plump time of the year, and the price is relatively cheap compared to other times, and it is rich in nutrition. Don't miss it.
Sea bass is rich in protein and B vitamins, which are beneficial for maintaining nutrient metabolism, improving immunity, and promoting growth and development. Perch contains vitamin A, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and other nutrients, which can protect eyesight, replenish blood, and promote growth and development. The long summer vacation is also the time for children to recuperate. When they grow up quickly, give them some fish, especially bass, which is particularly effective for growth and development. Winter is also the season for strengthening the spleen and stomach, and the spleen and stomach are well regulated. , The child's appetite will gradually improve, and will not get sick all winter. This sea bass costs 20 yuan per catty when it is the cheapest. The price is indeed a bit expensive, but it helps to strengthen the spleen and stomach, and it is worth it no matter how expensive it is. To eat fish, the healthiest way to eat it is steamed, which is spicy and appetizing. Many people say that steamed fish will have a fishy smell. Today Meimei will teach you a very practical trick. It only requires one trick. No matter what fish will be steamed in the future, it will be refreshing and fragrant without any odor.

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Steamed Sea Bass

1. First remove the scales of the perch, then guts the perch, make a cut in the tail, walk slowly along the back, walk to the head and pat hard to separate the perch from the middle. Be careful not to cut the internal organs or cut off the belly part.

Prepare the sea bass, shred the pepper, and shred the ginger for later use.

Steamed Sea Bass recipe

2. Cut the surface of the sea bass with a knife diagonally, stuff the knife with ginger slices, drizzle a little cooking wine, lightly salt it, and marinate for about ten minutes.

Steamed Sea Bass recipe

3. Spread a few sections of scallion on the microwave steaming bowl, put the marinated sea bass on the scallion, and cook for 10 minutes on high heat. When the fish is steamed, a lot of soup will be precipitated. These soups are where the fishy smell of steamed fish is, so they are not needed, and the soup is poured on the fish, so that the fish will not have any fishy smell.

Steamed Sea Bass recipe

4. When cooking the sea bass, we can prepare the sauce, heat the oil pan, pour the minced ginger and garlic into the pan and stir-fry the aroma, then pour in the green and red pepper and stir-fry for a while.

Steamed Sea Bass recipe

5. Pour in a cup of water, boil, add two spoons of light soy sauce, one spoon of cooking wine, add appropriate amount of salt, simmer until the soup thickens, and pour the soup on the steamed fish to get out of the pot.

Steamed Sea Bass recipe


Sea bass is fresh and tender. Steamed in a microwave oven can keep the whole intact. Depending on the size of the fish, it usually only needs to be heated for 10-15 minutes. If you don't have a microwave oven, you can also steam it in a steamer. When steaming the fish, place a few pieces of scallion under the fish body, insert ginger slices on the fish body to remove the fish to prevent the fish body from sticking to the plate. Throw it away, and remove the ginger slices too, so that the fish tastes more refreshing and has no fishy smell. Pay attention to these small steps, the fish is very delicious, there is no peculiar smell.


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