Delicious Shrimp Pasta

Delicious Shrimp Pasta

by Hana Manor

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Pasta is more than meat sauce, cream, and green sauce. There are many ways to eat. Let’s do one today! Personally, spaghetti is very weight loss, and a little bit is very resistant to hunger.


Delicious Shrimp Pasta

1. Shrimp (generally prawns and prawns are used for shrimps)

Delicious Shrimp Pasta recipe

2. Garlic chopped

Delicious Shrimp Pasta recipe

3. Cook the pasta first, then remove some olive oil after it’s cooked to prevent lumps

Delicious Shrimp Pasta recipe

4. Put a little olive oil in the pan and fry the shrimp. Fish out and set aside for later use

Delicious Shrimp Pasta recipe

5. Add a small piece of butter to the oil left over from the cooking of the shrimp. melt

Delicious Shrimp Pasta recipe

6. Add chopped garlic and fry the garlic until golden brown

Delicious Shrimp Pasta recipe

7. Put in the shrimp, salt, and some lemon juice (you can buy it on the supermarket network) chili powder (if you don’t like spicy or give it to children, you can leave it) and stir fry for about a minute

Delicious Shrimp Pasta recipe

8. Put the noodles and stir fry

Delicious Shrimp Pasta recipe

9. Turn off the fire and disperse some parsley (available online and in supermarkets where you can buy imported foods). It is really impossible to buy coriander and chopped parsley can also be substituted

Delicious Shrimp Pasta recipe

10. Finished product

Delicious Shrimp Pasta recipe


There are salted and unsalted butter. Use salted ones. You can leave the salt alone or use less. And all seasonings are available online. Lemon juice can be used to marinate chicken and boil seafood. Parsley is a perfect match for pasta. There are more places where butter can be used. So many seasonings are not only used on one dish.


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