Dried Fruit Bread

Dried Fruit Bread


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This bread made with natural yeast from apples, using the COUSS E3 electronic temperature-changing oven, preset bread fermentation and baking procedures, precise temperature makes the dough during fermentation expand very well, in a suitable temperature environment, you should I'm stealing joy. The toasted bread is slightly crispy on the surface, soft and chewy in the heart, and the multi-layered rich and delicious, how can people ignore it.

Dried Fruit Bread

1. Use the post-oil method to mix and knead the dough materials to the completion stage

Dried Fruit Bread recipe

2. Add raisins and lightly roasted walnuts

Dried Fruit Bread recipe

3. Knead the ingredients into a ball

Dried Fruit Bread recipe

4. After kneading, put it in the oven, select 28 degrees, take it out after 2 hours of fermentation for the first time, refrigerate for more than 18 hours

Dried Fruit Bread recipe

5. Take the dough out of the refrigerator to warm up, divide into two equal parts, and wake up for 20 minutes after rounding

Dried Fruit Bread recipe

6. Roll out the dough into a rectangular shape and turn it over. Dried fruit is placed close to the side.

Dried Fruit Bread recipe

7. Pinch tightly after rolling up

Dried Fruit Bread recipe

8. Cut the dough roll into four pieces

Dried Fruit Bread recipe

9. Dip the instant oatmeal on one end of the dough

Dried Fruit Bread recipe

10. Arrange into the baking tray, carry out the second fermentation, select the bread program in the oven, set the fermentation temperature to 38 degrees Celsius, for 2 hours

Dried Fruit Bread recipe

11. After the fermentation program is over, it will automatically enter the pre-set baking program, baking at 210 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes

Dried Fruit Bread recipe

12. Place the baked bread on the grill to cool down to avoid condensation at the bottom

Dried Fruit Bread recipe


1. If you use instant yeast to make bread, the second fermentation does not take so long;
2. The dried fruits inside can be added as you like.


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