Duck Blood Vermicelli Soup

Duck Blood Vermicelli Soup

by meggy dancing apple

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The duck blood vermicelli soup in Nanjing, like the southern salted duck, enjoys a high reputation throughout the country. Compared with salted duck, duck blood vermicelli soup is easier to make at home. The soft duck blood, the chewy vermicelli, and the fresh and salty soup, although it is a snack, eating a bowl brings great satisfaction.

Nanjing is thousands of miles away from Beijing and there is no chance to travel. I have not been able to spend time and money to eat a bowl of duck blood vermicelli soup. Maybe this is the biggest difference between a real foodie and a fake one! In the past six months, due to reasons we all know, the catering market in Beijing has also been sluggish. We can cook all the food that can be cooked at home. Therefore, if you want to eat duck blood vermicelli soup, let's make it yourself!

Although duck blood bought in the supermarket is not as ruddy as fresh duck blood, it is very soft after being cooked. There are many types of fans. For duck blood fans, I like to use the sweet potato fans from Jiangxi’s po-house. They are slightly thicker, and they boil for a long time. They are soft and chewy after inhaling the soup.

To season the soup, I use the most common bean curd sauce, which is salty and slightly spicy; if there is chicken broth or bone broth, it will definitely be better; if not, you can use concentrated chicken broth instead, or just clean water.

No appetite in dog days? Eat a bowl of duck blood vermicelli soup, salty, fresh and tender appetizer, from the inside out. The taste of Nanjing's tongue is delicious, and it can now be made at home. Compared with hot and sour noodles, it is softer and more nutritious. To make a long story short, I will share the home-cooked methods with you. More flavors and materials are waiting for your creativity!


Duck Blood Vermicelli Soup

1. 2 boxes of duck blood;

Duck Blood Vermicelli Soup recipe

2. Sweet potato vermicelli, coriander, shallots, garlic and hot sauce are ready;

Duck Blood Vermicelli Soup recipe

3. Soak the sweet potato vermicelli in warm water for soft use;

Duck Blood Vermicelli Soup recipe

4. Duck blood cut into long strips;

Duck Blood Vermicelli Soup recipe

5. Cut coriander into inch sections, mince chives and garlic;

Duck Blood Vermicelli Soup recipe

6. Pour a little oil in the wok, put the rattan pepper and hot sauce into the wok, stir fry for the aroma and red oil;

Duck Blood Vermicelli Soup recipe

7. Pour in an appropriate amount of water and boil, put the soft soaked sweet potato vermicelli in the pot and cook for 30 seconds; if there is fresh chicken broth or bone broth, the nutrition and taste will be better;

Duck Blood Vermicelli Soup recipe

8. Boil the duck blood in a pot;

Duck Blood Vermicelli Soup recipe

9. Pour a little concentrated chicken broth and vinegar, and mix well;

Duck Blood Vermicelli Soup recipe

10. Sprinkle chopped green onion and coriander before starting the pot, and start eating!

Duck Blood Vermicelli Soup recipe


1. Duck blood can be bought in supermarkets and markets. You can buy duck blood of big brands and high reputation, with quality assurance;
2. Duck blood must be fully cooked before eating; sweet potato vermicelli is cheeky and resistant to cooking, the two can be put into the pot at the same time, or in order;
3. Douban hot sauce has a salty taste, so whether to add salt to the soup can be adjusted according to taste.


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