Duofu Meatballs

Duofu Meatballs

by Kitchen love

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The braised meatballs are arranged in the shape of a bunch of grapes, which means that there are many fruits and blessings. Whether it is a home meal or a banquet, it is definitely a delicacy to earn face.
The minced lotus root is added to the meat filling to match the meat and vegetables, and it also increases the taste of the meatballs. The sweet and sour taste, the soft meat filling, and the crispy lotus root have a very strong layering.
The addition of such a dish on the "Thanksgiving" table of Crooked Nuts is fresh and delicious, and it is more to be grateful to parents.


Duofu Meatballs

1. Wash lotus root and tender ginger and chop finely

Duofu Meatballs recipe

2. Add salt, minced ginger, lotus root, cooking wine, and egg white to the pork filling, mix well, then stir and beat hard; the mixed meat filling is squeezed into balls

Duofu Meatballs recipe

3. Pour 300 grams of olive oil into the milk pan and heat it to 70% hot; add the squeezed meatballs and fry them to make the surface golden and fish out

Duofu Meatballs recipe

4. Pour a little olive oil into the frying pan and saute the scallions and ginger, then pour in the right amount of salt, cooking wine, vinegar, soy sauce, rock sugar, a little water, and boil it into a thick, bright, sweet and sour sweet and sour sauce, and finally pour in the fried meatballs , Stir-fry well, just add sesame oil

Duofu Meatballs recipe


1. The anti-oxidation effect of the stainless steel pot itself makes the fried meatballs more golden in color, and the milk pot is deep and small in diameter, which can save the amount of oil used.
2. The bottom of the frying pan is thick and the heated area is large, so the sweet and sour sauce can be quickly boiled out.
3. The sugar used in making sweet and sour sauce is best rock sugar, so that the soup will be thicker and brighter in color.


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