Durian Chicken Soup

Durian Chicken Soup

by Perilla Yuriko

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Durian chicken soup has always been a recommended delicacy, today I tried to make this dish with durian. The soup is delicious and the chicken is good and tender.


Durian Chicken Soup

1. Put the chicken drumsticks into the pot with cold water, blanch the water, turn the chicken drumsticks over and take it out for about one minute after the water is boiled.

Durian Chicken Soup recipe

2. After the chicken legs are cleaned, put them in a clay pot. Put ginger slices, basil leaves, pepper, rice wine, salt, and water in the pot.

Durian Chicken Soup recipe

3. After the big fire is boiled, turn to a small fire for 200 watts.

Durian Chicken Soup recipe

4. After the chicken drumsticks are cooked, add the durian meat.

Durian Chicken Soup recipe

5. Heat on medium heat for 15 minutes.

Durian Chicken Soup recipe

6. Turn off the heat after the durian changes color slightly. Zeng Gongzi Musang King Durian, sweet and sweet pulp like ice cream.

Durian Chicken Soup recipe


1. It's best to choose a local chicken. If there is no local chicken, I have to find a chicken leg.
2. When the durian is put into the pot, handle it gently and don't break it.


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