Easy Claypot Rice

Easy Claypot Rice

by Leer 6395

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Alone, cooking in the office, due to conditions, can only eat a simple meal


Easy Claypot Rice

1. Soak the tribute dish in water in advance, cut into sections, slice the lean meat, add oil and salt, oyster sauce, mix well with the tribute dish, wash the soybean sprouts, add oil and salt, mix well, put it in a bowl, and then mix Good lean meats and tribute dishes, cover them, bring them back to the company and put them in the refrigerator

Easy Claypot Rice recipe

2. I'm off work, pick up the rice and put it in the rice cooker

Easy Claypot Rice recipe

3. Press the cooking button

Easy Claypot Rice recipe

4. When the rice is boiling, add lean meat, tribute vegetables and soybean sprouts

Easy Claypot Rice recipe

5. Replace the lid and continue cooking

Easy Claypot Rice recipe

6. After the rice cooker is switched from the cooking button to the keep warm button, keep it warm for 5 minutes

Easy Claypot Rice recipe

7. Boiling, steaming claypot rice

Easy Claypot Rice recipe

8. Mix the vegetables and rice well, it tastes better

Easy Claypot Rice recipe


Just cook the rice as you usually do. Add the vegetables in time when the rice is boiling, otherwise the vegetables will not be cooked


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