Eel Nigiri Sushi

Eel Nigiri Sushi

by Mother Maizi

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I made 2 hand rolls of the Kabayaki eel I bought, and let’s make some eel sushi!


Eel Nigiri Sushi

1. I used the oven to heat up the Kabayaki eel that I bought online, and the eel was grilled and cut into small pieces for later use.

Eel Nigiri Sushi recipe

2. Thai fragrant rice, rice made with a rice cooker,
While the rice is warm, add some sugar (actually use a small bowl)

Eel Nigiri Sushi recipe

3. Add appropriate amount of rice vinegar and stir well

Eel Nigiri Sushi recipe

4. Put a fresh-keeping bag on your hand, take an appropriate amount of rice, and hold it into a small ball

Eel Nigiri Sushi recipe

5. Put a little mustard on it, you don’t need to leave it! Put eel on each rice ball

Eel Nigiri Sushi recipe

6. Cut the seaweed cut when making hand rolls, cut into small strips, and circle the middle of the seaweed strips.

Eel Nigiri Sushi recipe


The rice will stick to your hands when you hold it directly, just put in a fresh-keeping bag!


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