Eel Rice

Eel Rice

by He Xiaohe

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Two large pieces of grilled eel, a bowl of rice, and some vegetables and seaweed are a lunch full of energy.


Eel Rice

1. Start by simmering a pot of rice. One cup of rice is enough for one person to eat. Add the right amount of water according to the scale.

Eel Rice recipe

2. One sea eel, wash away the surface mucus

Eel Rice recipe

3. Cut the eel into sections first and remove the fish bones

Eel Rice recipe

4. Sliced into fish steaks

Eel Rice recipe

5. Add vegetable oil to the wok, add the eel and fry on both sides

Eel Rice recipe

6. Add oyster sauce and appropriate amount of water, you can also add appropriate amount of dark soy sauce to mix, add rock sugar, simmer until the soup is thick

Eel Rice recipe

7. Put a bowl of rice, upside down on a plate, put the built eel steak on top, cut the okra in half, put it on the side, sprinkle some seaweed and sesame seeds, the delicious eel rice is ready

Eel Rice recipe


1. Adjust the hardness of the rice according to your own taste.


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