Egg Meatloaf Soup

Egg Meatloaf Soup

by Raindrops passing by autumn

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The breakfast of Nanchang people is rich and varied. The egg meat pie soup is mixed with rice noodles, which is a lore in Nanchang dialect. A savory life starts with this delicious breakfast...


Egg Meatloaf Soup

1. 2 eggs, 150 grams of lean meat, a little starch.

Egg Meatloaf Soup recipe

2. Mince the meat and mix with a little starch.

Egg Meatloaf Soup recipe

3. Place the lean meat mixed with starch on the bottom of a bowl and set aside.

Egg Meatloaf Soup recipe

4. In another pot, beat the eggs into the water, half-solidified, and turn off the heat.

Egg Meatloaf Soup recipe

5. Put water on the bottom of the steamer, put the eggs in the prepared lean meat bowl, fill with water, and steam over water. Put the lid on the pot and change the heat to low when the water boils.

Egg Meatloaf Soup recipe

6. After steaming for 20 minutes, add a little salt and MSG.

Egg Meatloaf Soup recipe


After 20 minutes of steaming, the meatloaf turned white and just floated. You can also replace the eggs with cuttlefish or shiitake mushrooms according to your preference.


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