Egg Pancakes with Fruits

Egg Pancakes with Fruits

by Kissing fish

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Egg Pancakes with Fruits

1. Three scoops of flour, add one scoop of cornmeal, add water, and stir to make a batter. The batter is a little thinner. You don’t need to add cornmeal.

Egg Pancakes with Fruits recipe

2. Add a spoonful of black sesame seeds, a spoonful of rapeseed oil, and mix well

Egg Pancakes with Fruits recipe

3. Brush a layer of oil in the non-stick pan, pour in the stirred batter, shake the pan to make the batter flow evenly into a circle, after solidification, beat in an egg, spread the egg with a wooden spatula, and brush it on the baked pancake. Layer the hot sauce, put ham, fried dough sticks, and lettuce roll up

Egg Pancakes with Fruits recipe

4. Out of the pot

Egg Pancakes with Fruits recipe


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