Egg Sandwich Fun Breakfast

Egg Sandwich Fun Breakfast

by Pistachio 365Q

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Recently, I have used a bread machine to make toast almost every day. How to eliminate so many toasts? Let’s take a look at the fruit elimination and vomiting justice, with other ingredients to make the ant fun breakfast is both delicious and childlike, and more importantly, there is a visual double enjoyment! Haha, are you fascinated by the two little ants? What is to enjoy the table? In Guoguo's view, it is not only to be able to cook and eat, but also to make the table full of romantic fun, this is enjoyment!

Let's eat the food in the picture and enjoy the beauty on the table together! Let’s share the method with those who love to make dinner plates.


Egg Sandwich Fun Breakfast

1. Preparation procedure: ①Wash the grapes, ②Cut the potatoes, carrots, green peppers, and yellow peppers into shreds separately, ③Mix the two egg liquids, add appropriate amount of salt and chopped green onion, and stir well; ④Stick the toast in the microwave, Then take out the extra and cut off the four sides and turn it into a smooth square, and then cut it diagonally to turn into 6 pieces of triangular toast.

Egg Sandwich Fun Breakfast recipe

2. Add a little oil in a half-hot pan, add ham sausage slices and fry until golden brown and take out

Egg Sandwich Fun Breakfast recipe

3. Put the cut vegetables in a hot oil pan, add seasonings, and stir-fry until they are cooked.

Egg Sandwich Fun Breakfast recipe

4. Heat the pan, pour the oil, then reduce the heat, pour in the egg mixture with chopped green onion, stir fry quickly, use a spatula in the pan to quickly stir fry into pieces of eggs

Egg Sandwich Fun Breakfast recipe

5. On the toast, you start to arrange the cooked dishes, eggs, and other ingredients, and then use another piece of toast to sandwich the sandwich. Is it difficult for you?

Egg Sandwich Fun Breakfast recipe

6. Put the grapes out of two little ants, use Chobe salad dressing to draw the white clouds in the sky and the eyes of the ants, and then use the black sesame sauce to draw the legs of the little ant

Egg Sandwich Fun Breakfast recipe

7. Cut two grapes in half to form a flower shape. The center of the flower is made of carrot slices, and the stalks of green onions are used for painting. Then use almonds to form the pebbles on the ground, and the green onions form the grass.

Egg Sandwich Fun Breakfast recipe

8. Served with egg sandwiches and orange juice, enjoy this breakfast!

Egg Sandwich Fun Breakfast recipe


1. The ingredients are not restricted, you can change it flexibly
2. The black sesame paste is relatively dry, and it needs to be diluted with some cold water before it can be placed in the piping bag to frame the lines.
3. Toast can also be dipped in egg liquid and fried in a pan, which is more delicious, but people who are afraid of eating oil, high blood fat and cholesterol are advised not to add egg liquid for frying. Scrambled eggs can also be replaced with other vegetables.


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