Egg, Shrimp Skin and Leek Pie

Egg, Shrimp Skin and Leek Pie

by meggy dancing apple

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In addition to classic dumplings, leeks can also be stir-fried with other vegetables, boiled noodles, and even eaten raw. However, the "leek flower" is missing in the lamb-boiled seasoning in old Beijing.

The water content of leeks is as high as 85%, the calories are low, and it is rich in iron, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C and other trace elements. It is very delicious whether it is eaten vegetarian or meat. It has the reputation of "the meat in a vegetable". The unique spicy aroma of leek is formed by the sulfide contained in it. These sulfides have a certain bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect and help the human body to improve its own immunity. No wonder old people often say that eating more leeks can ventilate, sterilize, and cure all diseases. Think about it, it may be because leeks are rich in crude fiber, which can take out harmful substances in the stomach and intestines, so people are less likely to get sick.

Speaking of the "intestinal cleansing" function of leeks, I remembered an interesting story I heard in childhood. When I was young, I had that kind of foldable scissors. A child somehow swallowed the scissors in his stomach and sent it to the hospital. The hospital said that it could only be taken out by surgery. When the parents heard that they were going to "break their stomachs", they were frightened and asked if they could think of a way. Later, an old doctor came and watched the B-ultrasound and saw that the scissors were not opened. There was no risk of getting sick for the time being. So he asked the parents to buy a handful of leeks outside, boil them and let the children swallow them whole the next day. , The pair of scissors was discharged by the children, and the outside was tightly wrapped with leeks. It can be seen that the thick and long fibers of this chive made a great contribution.

The quality of leeks in early spring is the best, followed by late autumn, and the worst in summer. There is a saying that "spring food is fragrant, summer food is smelly". Today I will bake a few pots of thin-skinned egg, shrimp-skin and chive pies. With it, even vegetables can be saved. A pot of gruel is a fragrant meal. I usually bake the pie in different sizes. This time I deliberately used a new 6-pan frying pan. The baked pie is the same size as the one carved out of a mold. Through the skin, you can see the yellow eggs and green chives inside. Shrimp skin has the effect of replenishing calcium and can increase the aroma. Although there is no meat in it, it is more fragrant than meat. I accidentally ate 6 of them.


Egg, Shrimp Skin and Leek Pie

1. Knead a piece of soft dough with all-purpose flour and cold water. The amount of water is about 60% of the amount of flour. First use chopsticks to stir it into a flocculent shape, and then knead it into a dough without dry powder. Knead it again after 10 minutes with the plastic wrap. The dough is smooth. And moisturize; once again Mongolian plastic wrap until the start of production;

Egg, Shrimp Skin and Leek Pie recipe

2. Wash and drain the leeks, chop them for later use, beat the eggs into a bowl, and make an appropriate amount of shrimp skins;

Egg, Shrimp Skin and Leek Pie recipe

3. Heat the pan with cold oil, pour the beaten egg liquid into the pan, use chopsticks to stir continuously in one direction to make the egg liquid solidify and be beaten into small lumps, then pour the shrimp skin into the pan and mix evenly. Let cool and set aside; leeks and shrimp skins are more oily, so you can put more oil;

Egg, Shrimp Skin and Leek Pie recipe

4. When the egg and shrimp skin is cool, pour the chopped chives into the pot and mix evenly. Sprinkle salt before filling the pie to prevent the soup from coming out. In addition, the shrimp skin is also salty, so put the salt appropriately; if you think it is too wood, you can drizzle Some sesame oil can also increase the fragrance;

Egg, Shrimp Skin and Leek Pie recipe

5. The dough is very soft. Sprinkle a little flour on the chopping board, roll the dough into long strips, divide them into small pieces, and roll them into round skins with a thicker middle and thinner edges, the size of a palm, and it’s okay if you roll it out for a while. Can be saved when

Egg, Shrimp Skin and Leek Pie recipe

6. Take proper amount of leek stuffing and put it on the skin, how much depends on your craft;

Egg, Shrimp Skin and Leek Pie recipe

7. Pinch the edge of the skin with the method of making a bun. If you don't know how to make a bun, just pinch the edge to the middle, and then twist the noodles in the middle up and pull off, so that there will be no thick skin in the middle;

Egg, Shrimp Skin and Leek Pie recipe

8. The wrapped buns are gently pressed between the two palms to form a pie-like shape. Put them on the curtain first, and then bake them together;

Egg, Shrimp Skin and Leek Pie recipe

9. Heat the frying pan, apply a little oil on the frying pan with a brush, put the pie into the frying pan, and brush a little oil on the surface of the pie; after the bottom is set, you can turn the pie over and fry it, and turn it over several times in the middle It can be done with or without the lid. Keep the mid-range firepower until there are beautiful burn marks on both sides.

Egg, Shrimp Skin and Leek Pie recipe


1. The dough for the pie must be soft. After the dough is kneaded, it needs to be thoroughly squeezed, and the wrapped pie can be thin and thick;
2. Because the stuffing is cooked, it doesn't take too long to cook. Adjust the fire power at any time during the process, so that both sides are golden and cooked, and you can get out of the pot;
3. This kind of filling is very tempting with egg, shrimp skin, and chive fragrance. It is not recommended to dip in vinegar when eating, as it will block the fragrance.


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