Egg Soup

Egg Soup

by Azalea Gourmet

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Growing up in the countryside as a child, the memory of the mountains will always be clear and unforgettable. In my memory, the mountains are lush with trees, and there is a clear and transparent stream in front of the village. The stream winds down. My family lives at the foot of a higher mountain. Every morning, I stand in my courtyard watching the smoke rising from the village with curiosity. This small village surrounded by mountains and rivers gave me a lot of joy in my childhood. In summer, I wore a little flower dress that my grandma bought me and sat on the rocks by the creek. The little fish in the creek lightly pecked at my little feet. Ah, there is naturally a big tree above my head to shade, I can play in such a time and forget to go home for dinner. Thinking back to my childhood, it seemed to be dreaming. The child in the village was just that there were no acquaintances in the village for a long time. The stream was still there, the stream was no longer gurgling, and there were no more fish, shrimps or crabs. Later, I hardly went back to see the small village where I grew up. There were only a few families in the village and none of my childhood friends. The village was a dilapidated scene. Then let the first memory stay in the memory! Don't go back to see her again.
I wanted to make a soup last night. There were only a few eggs and a few green garlic sprouts in the refrigerator. I suddenly remembered that when I was a child in the village, my grandma used green garlic sprouts to make egg soup, and then poured it on the rice. It was delicious and I could eat it. A big bowl. After many years, I made it by myself, and I always feel that it has less taste when I was a child. I don’t know if this garlic is not grown in the mountains, or the egg is raw chicken with feed, or I have tasted too much on the tip of my tongue. The five flavors are mixed, and the taste buds are no longer so sensitive.
Let’s take a look at the recipe for this soup! It's very simple and the taste is very refreshing!


Egg Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients, an egg, 4 green garlic

Egg Soup recipe

2. Open the egg and chop the green garlic

Egg Soup recipe

3. Put the egg liquid in the hot oil and turn it over, and it will be served immediately after forming. The scrambled eggs should be less oily, otherwise the soup will be greasy

Egg Soup recipe

4. Fry the garlic sprouts with the remaining base oil of the scrambled eggs. It only takes half a minute to fry, then add 2 small bowls of water to boil

Egg Soup recipe

5. Then add a teaspoon of salt, pour the fried eggs into the pan after 1-2 minutes

Egg Soup recipe


I am a super foodie born in 1985 and a girl who loves beauty very much. I like food and food photography. Thank you for your attention. I will share with you my beautiful secrets of thinning while eating! I love to eat, I only keep my weight between 80-90 kg, and I was 160 and I was once a 120 kg fat girl! So as long as you eat the right way and the right time, you will enjoy the food while losing weight.


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