Eggplant Stewed Tofu

Eggplant Stewed Tofu

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I am Shi Shang Zhu Yi, from Guangdong. The entry is eggplant stewed tofu. This is a very home-cooked dish that can hardly be eaten outside, and only my mother can cook eggplant like this. When I was young, I could eat meat every day. We have a classic dish called "stuffed sambao", which is a dish of eggplant, chili, and tofu filled with meat, and then stewed in a casserole. There is no meat in the house, so my mother used tofu and eggplant to mix and cook, and add a little coriander before starting the pot to increase the fragrance. I didn't expect it to be more delicious than the meat, so this dish has been kept. Every time I buy eggplants, I will learn how my mother taught me to cook them for my children, and I will never tire of eating them.


Eggplant Stewed Tofu

1. Prepare the ingredients, wash and chop the coriander

Eggplant Stewed Tofu recipe

2. Peel the eggplant at intervals, wash and cut into pieces

Eggplant Stewed Tofu recipe

3. Put it in a steamer and steam on high heat for about 12 minutes. While steaming the eggplant, process the tofu

Eggplant Stewed Tofu recipe

4. Cut thick slices of tofu, peel the garlic and chop finely. My chili noodle is a gift from a friend. It is not spicy at all, but has a fragrance. It is used to cook eggplant and tofu to increase the aroma.

Eggplant Stewed Tofu recipe

5. Pour a little oil in a hot pan and fry the tofu on both sides slightly

Eggplant Stewed Tofu recipe

6. Pour in garlic, shiitake mushroom sauce, and chili powder and stir fry until fragrant

Eggplant Stewed Tofu recipe

7. Take out the steamed eggplant, pour out the distilled water in the bowl, add the eggplant to the pot, add salt and soy sauce, stir fry evenly

Eggplant Stewed Tofu recipe

8. Sprinkle the coriander, mix well and start the pot

Eggplant Stewed Tofu recipe


Tips for food:

The eggplant is peeled at intervals and will not rot into a lump. The eggplant skin has a certain pulling force and the color is also beautiful.


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