Fish-flavored Eggplant Pot

Fish-flavored Eggplant Pot

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I have always had a special liking for Cantonese cuisine, and there are countless Cantonese cuisines, except desserts, soups, porridges and so on. There are also a variety of claypot dishes that are also mouth-watering! This time, I used the ingredients available at home to make a Shanzhai version of the Cantonese fish-flavored eggplant pot. The fresh and salty taste is really good and enjoyable!


Fish-flavored Eggplant Pot

1. Wash the eggplant and set aside, soak the dried herring in warm water for a while

Fish-flavored Eggplant Pot recipe

2. Cut the soaked dried herring into small pieces, wash the pork belly and cut into small pieces, peel off the garlic and break, wash and slice the ginger for later use

Fish-flavored Eggplant Pot recipe

3. Put a proper amount of oil in a pot to heat, then add pork belly cubes, stir fry until the meat comes out of oil

Fish-flavored Eggplant Pot recipe

4. Add dried herring, garlic, and sliced ginger, stir fry, and add some old wine in turn

Fish-flavored Eggplant Pot recipe

5. Stir-fry the dark soy sauce and light soy sauce, then add some boiling water next to the pot

Fish-flavored Eggplant Pot recipe

6. Cut the washed eggplant into hob pieces, put them in a pan and stir-fry evenly and boil on high heat

Fish-flavored Eggplant Pot recipe

7. Then pour all the ingredients in the pot into a clean casserole, cover with a lid and bring to a boil. Turn to low heat and simmer for about 40 minutes. Finally, add an appropriate amount of MSG to taste, and then sprinkle with chopped green onion to enjoy; cover the pot and continue. Simmer until the juice is slightly reduced

Fish-flavored Eggplant Pot recipe


1. Eggplant is easy to oxidize, so it is better to cut it temporarily;
2. No need to add salt, the fish-flavored eggplant pot is very fresh and salty and delicious, highly recommended, it is worth a try!


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