Four-color Stir-fry

Four-color Stir-fry

by Jamie Pastoral

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Carrots, cucumbers, eggs, shiitake mushrooms, red, green, yellow, and black ingredients are paired with vegetable stir-fry, which is very healthy, refreshing, light and weight-loss healthy dish.


Four-color Stir-fry

1. Wash carrots, cucumbers and mushrooms and prepare eggs

Four-color Stir-fry recipe

2. Shiitake mushrooms cut into pieces

Four-color Stir-fry recipe

3. Cut carrots and cucumbers into slices

Four-color Stir-fry recipe

4. Boil the mushrooms in the pot and remove the water to drain

Four-color Stir-fry recipe

5. Pick up the frying pan, fry the eggs in the pan and serve them out

Four-color Stir-fry recipe

6. Start the frying pan again, stir the green onion and ginger into the pan and stir fry the mushrooms

Four-color Stir-fry recipe

7. Stir-fry carrots

Four-color Stir-fry recipe

8. Stir fry with salt

Four-color Stir-fry recipe

9. Fry cucumbers and eggs in the pan, fry evenly, turn off the heat, serve and enjoy

Four-color Stir-fry recipe


1. This dish is light, so it is not advisable to add heavy condiments.
2. The color of this dish is bright, so it is not advisable to add heavy condiments.


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