Fried Fish Steak

Fried Fish Steak

by Shining mom

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The temperature has dropped a lot recently, and I really want to eat fried foods. I am afraid that the use of oil is not healthy and safe. Therefore, it is not complicated to buy some ingredients and make them yourself. Longli fish has no fishy and odor. It is high in protein and nutritious. It is used to make fish steaks. It is very good. The daily diet focuses on the combination of meat and vegetables, a balanced intake, and a rich diet. Say goodbye to a single diet with a balanced dietary fatty acid. Balanced nutrition is healthier, and Long Liyu has quite high nutritional value. Longliyu plays a very good role in resisting arteriosclerosis, preventing and treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, enhancing memory and protecting eyesight. "


Fried Fish Steak

1. Ingredients preparation

Fried Fish Steak recipe

2. First, use absorbent paper to absorb the water on the surface of Longli fish, use steak sauce to cut the fish into fish steaks, and let them taste for more than half an hour.

Fried Fish Steak recipe

3. Take a flat plate, pour the fried powder, wrap the fish steak with a layer of fried powder,

Fried Fish Steak recipe

4. Then quickly drizzle with water, then wrap it with a layer of fried powder, and repeat three times.

Fried Fish Steak recipe

5. The thickly wrapped fish steak is ready,

Fried Fish Steak recipe

6. Start a hot pot, add oil, and heat it up to 120 degrees or more.

Fried Fish Steak recipe

7. Quickly put in the fish steak and fry it quickly until light yellow

Fried Fish Steak recipe

8. Turn it over and fry it until golden brown on both sides, and you can start the pot.

Fried Fish Steak recipe

9. Remember to put it on absorbent paper to absorb the excess oil, top with lettuce, drizzle with tomato sauce, and eat it while it is hot.

Fried Fish Steak recipe


1. Fish material can also be fish fillets without cod, such as cod.
2. The oil temperature must be heated in place, that is, the fish can be processed and mature soon, so be careful not to fry it for too long.
3. Fried foods are best served with some vegetables.
4. If there are eggs, you can also change the water to egg liquid.


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