Tomato Long Li Fish Soup

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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For women, there is no thinnest, only thinner! In order to prevent you from being hungry when you lose weight, Meimei has really tried so hard!

I highly recommend this dish, which is lower in fat than chicken and tender and tender than beef! This dish has to be eaten in the summer, it tastes delicious and does not grow meat! Meimei has recently used it to replace dinner every day! It's really delicious.
Summer is the season when a large number of fruits and vegetables are on the market. However, when it comes to summer seasonal vegetables, what can you think of? Cucumber, bitter gourd, water spinach, there is one ingredient that 90% of people ignore.

Although it is available all year round, it is a seasonal vegetable in summer. At this time, it is naturally mature, soft and juicy, sweet and sour.

It's—tomatoes, are you right?

They all say "three points of exercise and seven points of eating", eating right is more effective than exercise. If you want to be healthy and thin in summer, you can't blindly go on a diet. It is the best choice for a variety of low-calorie and high-protein food dishes.

Among them, tomatoes and cucumbers are the best choices.
Tomatoes are a natural food source of vitamin C. Each 100 grams of tomatoes contains 20-30 mg of vitamin C, which is 10 times that of watermelon! Moreover, it contains low fat, low calorie, sweet and sour taste, and it is perfect for eating without appetite in summer!

When it comes to eating tomatoes, many people think of tomato scrambled eggs. But this dish will add oil twice during cooking, which virtually increases the fat intake.

If you want to eat healthy and low-fat in summer, is there any best way to eat it? Of course, there is nothing more than this [Tomato Longli Fish Soup] that Meimei will teach you today.

Long Liyu is a kind of fish with very low fat content, and it has no thorns. It is the most worry-free when used to make soup. It is rich in protein and is the best nutritional supplement during weight loss. It has a rich taste with the star food konjac, which is reduced in fat. , Rich in nutrition, super strong feeling of fullness!

Low-fat and high-protein, great as a dish or meal replacement! Don't worry about growing meat after eating it! The method is simple and fast, and it only takes five minutes to get home from get off work, so girls who want to lose weight must try it!


Tomato Long Li Fish Soup

1. The ingredients are all ready, and the konjac should be cooked. If it is not cooked, it should be cooked in advance and set aside.

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup recipe

2. After the longli fish is thawed, wash and cut into small pieces, and put in a bowl.

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup recipe

3. Add a spoonful of white pepper to Longliyu

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup recipe

4. Add a spoonful of cooking wine

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup recipe

5. Add a spoonful of salt

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup recipe

6. Finally add a spoonful of starch, mix well with chopsticks and marinate for half an hour.

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup recipe

7. Draw a cross on the top of the tomato with a knife, put it in a pot of boiling water, heat it, peel it, cut half of it into cubes, usually cut into slices for later use.

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup recipe

8. Cut the konjac into thin slices.

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup recipe

9. Heat the frying pan, add the diced tomatoes, and stir-fry slightly.

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup recipe

10. Add a spoonful of tomato sauce and fry until juicy.

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup recipe

11. Add two bowls of water and bring to a boil.

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup recipe

12. Pour the tomato slices after the water has boiled.

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup recipe

13. Pour in the konjac chips, bring to a boil, add a spoonful of light soy sauce and a little salt to taste.

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup recipe

14. Finally, pour the fish cubes into the pot and cook for about 3 minutes.

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup recipe

15. While cooking, use a spatula to skim off the foam. When the fish is cooked, it can be out of the pot. The sweet and sour and appetizing tomato Longli fish soup is ready to serve! Low-fat and high-protein, super full feeling, is definitely the best choice during weight loss!

Tomato Long Li Fish Soup recipe


The meat of Longli fish is tender and easy to fry, so it needs to be processed in advance and marinated with a little starch to form a thin coating on the surface of the fish fillet. It tastes more tender and juicy, and it is not easy to cook. Scattered.
Add 1 tablespoon of tomato sauce to the tomato stir-fry to increase the aroma and bright soup color.
Don't cook the longli fish for a long time. The fish fillets are thinner. After being put in the pot, it will change color and cook for another minute.


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