Fried flower beetle

Fried flower beetle

A delicious, relatively simple dish to make







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How to make it (Fried flower beetle)

1. The first step is to soak the bought sixtieth armour in water for a while
Fried flower beetle recipe
2. In the second pot, boil the water, remove the sixtieth soaked in the water, pour it into the boiling water pot and fly for two or three minutes, then remove it for use.
Fried flower beetle recipe
3. Green pepper, celery, garlic, dry and spicy, cut and set aside
Fried flower beetle recipe
4. Heat the pot, add oil to heat, add dried chili, Chinese pepper, green pepper, celery, garlic, and Pixian bean paste and stir fry until fragrant
Fried flower beetle recipe
5. Add the prepared sixties and stir fry, then add soy sauce, light soy sauce, a little salt and continue to stir fry
Fried flower beetle recipe
6. Stir fry for a while and add beer for 2 minutes
Fried flower beetle recipe
7. Serve and serve, a delicious and delicious sixtieth piece is ready to be fried
Fried flower beetle recipe

When sautéing the flower beetles, the sauces, soy sauce, and light soy sauce are added, so the seasoning is salty, so be careful not to put too much when you add salt.


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