Fried Lamb's Blood

Fried Lamb's Blood

by Soft blue crystal

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Sheep blood can replenish blood, because there are many kinds of protein and a small amount of fibrin in sheep blood, and it contains many kinds of proteins, which are all elements that can make blood, so it can replenish blood. The taste is unique, and it tastes very delicious once in a while. I bought a few pieces of sheep blood this time. It was good, without the smell of sheep and other flavors. Shabu-shabu was also very delicious. The rest was used for stir-frying. My husband said it was particularly fragrant. I used white wine and seasonings, and I couldn't taste bad taste.


Fried Lamb's Blood

1. Pour oil into the pot, add Chinese pepper, star anise, garlic, and dried chili to fry to create a fragrance.

Fried Lamb's Blood recipe

2. Add the diced lamb's blood, and at the same time add green onions and ginger. Shake the pan gently, turning over the edges.

Fried Lamb's Blood recipe

3. Pour a little white wine to get rid of the fishy.

Fried Lamb's Blood recipe

4. Add salt, you can overturn the pot appropriately.

Fried Lamb's Blood recipe

5. Finally, wash the chicken essence out of the pot.

Fried Lamb's Blood recipe


1. Sheep blood is easy to break, so don't dare to use a shovel to turn it over.
2. Finally, use a flat-bottomed non-stick pan to fry, the effect will be better.


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