Fried Steamed Buns

Fried Steamed Buns

by Sheep kitchen

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When I was young, the oil I ate was squeezed by our own home. It was raw oil and needed to be cooked. It was called cooked oil. When the oil tank was empty, it was cooked oil. Cooked oil is just pour the raw peanut oil that you squeezed into the pot and roll it. By the way, you can also fry some peanuts and leftover steamed buns. Cooked oil is different from special over-fried things. Generally, it is fried leftover steamed buns and leftover steamed buns. They are available almost every day, so no special preparation is needed, which saves time.
This time I specialize in deep-fried steamed buns. I haven't eaten it for a long time. With this memory, I really want to eat it! The fried steamed bun slices are crispy and crispy. You can also sprinkle some spicy noodles on top, not to mention how delicious it is.


Fried Steamed Buns

1. Cut the leftover buns into thick slices

Fried Steamed Buns recipe

2. Take half a bowl of water, add salt and stir well. Dip both sides of the steamed bun slices in the water. Take out and soak up the water with a kitchen paper towel (you can make the steamed bun slices less oily, and they will be very crispy when fried)

Fried Steamed Buns recipe

3. Put a proper amount of oil in the pot, add the steamed bun slices after the oil is hot, and fry on medium heat

Fried Steamed Buns recipe

4. Deep-fried until golden brown

Fried Steamed Buns recipe

5. Take out the oil control

Fried Steamed Buns recipe


Soak the steamed bun slices in salt water, and then absorb the water. This step is very important, so that the steamed bun slices will absorb less oil and will be very crispy when fried.


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