Fried String Beans

Fried String Beans

by Woman flower 2607

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Fried String Beans

1. Wash and pick the green beans; chop garlic and red pepper; chop chives

Fried String Beans recipe

2. Pour the right amount of water into the pot and boil

Fried String Beans recipe

3. Pour the green beans in blanching water, remove and set aside

Fried String Beans recipe

4. Pour some oil into the pot and heat it up, add garlic and chives until fragrant, add red pepper

Fried String Beans recipe

5. Pour in the green beans and stir fry for a while

Fried String Beans recipe

6. Add oyster sauce, light soy sauce, salt, chicken essence and balsamic vinegar to taste

Fried String Beans recipe

7. Can

Fried String Beans recipe


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