Fried vegetables

Fried vegetables

by Lily blossoms (from WeChat.)

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This is a vegetarian dish without meat, but I still find it delicious


How to make it

1. Carrots and cauliflower are washed and drained, and black fungus is washed and soaked for 2 hours

Fried vegetables recipe

2. Put oil in the pan, fry the carrots first, then add garlic cloves, cauliflower, black fungus, and stir fry a few times

Fried vegetables recipe

3. Add water (don't add too much)

Fried vegetables recipe

4. Turn off the heat, cover and cook until the vegetables are soft

Fried vegetables recipe

5. Give light soy sauce, oyster sauce, and add some water to starch (too much water)

Fried vegetables recipe

6. carry out

Fried vegetables recipe


If you don’t have too much water, you don’t need to add water starch (if you have too much water, you can’t help it). If you like peppers, you can also add peppers. Because the light soy sauce and oyster sauce have salt in this dish, there is no need to add additional salt.

This dish is also called: Best Fried vegetables recipe, Chinese Fried vegetables recipe, Healthy Fried vegetables


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